Outdoor advertising Sofia


In the field of outdoor advertising perform the following services:

1. Design and construction of commercial facilities.

2. Printing on vinyl front and rear lighting, network construction, paper, etc.

3. Printing on PVC foil /white and transparent printing/ on perforated foil, etc.

4. Cutting PVC foil for stained glass and advertising space.

5. Foil on windows.

6. Plotters, laser cutting and router.

7. Bending plexiglass with great length.

8. Design and construction of non-standard advertising units.

9. Interior and exterior lighting projects.

10. Installation of any type of advertising equipments - metal, PVC boards, light boxes, diodes and neon lighting and more.

11. Installation of billboards and blind structures.

12. Designing and legislating on advertising billboards and posters.