Outdoor advertising Sofia


Pobeda - Sofia
Mares Pazardzhik
Kalkan ELITE - Sofia
Sports Hall Samokov
KAMM, Sofia
Cafe 8, Ovcha kupel, Sofia
Fashion, Sofia
Feng Shui, Pliska, Sofia
Dino Shop, Mladost, Sofia
Store, Darvenica, Sofia
Feng Shui, Central Market Hall, Sofia
Flower Boutique, Mladost, Sofia
Farolla, Studentski Grad, Sofia
Planificaciones Mundiales - Bulgaria
Feng Shui, Serdica, Sofia
Shop, Mladost, Sofia
Chrome Shop Silistra, Sofia
Feng Shui, Liulin, Sofia
Display My Gadge HIPPOLAND
Sofia National Opera and Ballet
Shop Omega truck, Sofia
Donner, Studentski Grad, Sofia
Agency Joanatours, Sofia
Fishing Shop, Sofia
Arab shop, Studentski Grad, Sofia
Diner MK max, Sofia
Pavilion for snacks, Sofia
Plate casino ELDORADO, Sofia
Shop for alcohol and cigarettes DARK CITY
Company ELTRADE plate
Making underwater lights illuminate the effect
Shop H2O
Volumetric point ADG
Made of stamp logo for casino GOLDEN QUEEN
Nameplate Company Auto Shut
Decoration ceilings casino GOLDEN QUEEN Sofia
Volumetric letters boutique T-SHOES
Posters association ATTACK - DSB - VMRO
Volumetric labels hairdresser Velvet
Shields made ​​of casino GOLDEN QUEEN
Stoic sided tablet built on an individual project
outdoor photo studio
Plate spacers of Rusgazinzhenering
Stained with perfofolio shop for fruit and vegetables in Dupnitsa
perfofolio a company store for electronic cigarettes
Outdoor billboards
Stained glass company of children's clothing store in Iliantsi
Stained glass of the company store opoznai.bg
Stained bookstore
Volumetric letters TV Coffee Company TECHNO BULGARIA
Stained glass with foil pyasakostuyno + outdoor
Stained glass of fast food
Metal plate kindergarten
LED billboards shop for leather goods
Perfofolio mineral water
Diode advertising Salon
Effective lighting LED building lights
Overall advertising concept stores
Diode advertising Cаfe
Vinyl board of
Vinyl networks of football fields
Plexiglas box with diode restaurant Caruso
Vinyl awning mineral water
Network vinyl shop
Vinyl MOL Sofia
Roll Up Stand of TBM Consulting
Signs of aluminum for administrative building
Caption: stainless steel laser engraved
Diode lighting Roulette
Svetlenie LED Bar with RGB LEDs
Light vinyl box + perfofolio a pawnshop
Collage, printing and installation of wall murals of foil - 20m2
Vinyl plate Speech Center
BINGO Inscription of phosphorescent foil illuminated with 6 pieces LED lights 20W color
polycarbonate water wall Dupnitsa
Ceiling nursery + diode stars with one watt diodes
Design and construction of a crib
Polycarbonate water wall in Stara Zagora
Voluminous writings on MDF
Profiled aluminum plates
Wire wall of water Sofia - 12м.
Store batteries
Foil auto shop
Facing fence with vinyl
Foil door shop Fantstiko - Studentski grad
Foil stained glass of Fashion studio - Ill Be Ka
Non stop Liulin 3
Second hend shop bul. Stamboliiski Sofia
Billboards restaurant
Advertising kiosk
Branding station Piccadilly - Overpass Hope
Branding station Piccadilly - Sopharma
Branding showcase of Ulla Popken
Foil café brand caffe TORALDO
Billboards Company BODY COLOR
Foil billboards Company TEDIVA
Totem type
Branded showcase of fast food
Branded showcase of Algida Blagoevgrad
Branding pavilion Algida Petrich
Weeping water wall in the town of Veliko Tarnovo
Construction and installation of billboards in Bansko
Foil stands on firm FORMOLINE
Foil stands on firm FORMOLINE
Foil showcase of pet
Foil fitness club CHAMPION'S GYM
Vinyl network CITY CLINIC - Sofia
Foil showcase of 112 elementary school
Plate of 101 kindergarten
Vinyl casino
Plate of glass ITALIAN SHOES
Underfloor foil stickers for watches
Vinyl canvas amphitheater
Production of 'Wheel of Fortune'
Making urn polycarbonate
Perfofolio for beauty salon
Foil stained glass shop Dafini
Film on the shop window
vinyl for car wash
Beauty Salon
Plate of volumetric letters of stainless OZK
Panels restaurant
Light boxes for Arbat fit
Fast food on
Foil showcases perfofolio
Installation of vinyl shop
Perfofolio of auto parts store
Dress with rhinestone vinyl coffee
Light boxes for store Vancaro - Sofia Downtown
Installation of ads to shop for natural products
Caption by cutting foil DROMEAS
Installation of ads for Piraeus Bank
Comprehensive brand auto service
Feng Shui store - Maria Luisa
Plate of tempered glass
Complete branding for shop HUMANA - Mladost
Billboard design for shop HUMANA - Mladost
Bonding photo of hairdresser Arbat
Perfofolio a wine cellar Rupel
Foil showcase store Denis
Vinyl advertising, the autogas SERVICE
Foil showcases for Barocco sport
Print and installation of wall murals 3 * 4m.
Signs for mall
Design, printing and installation of awning Company
Foil showcase company
Making urn casino MAGIC GLUB
Diode light box 8h1m.
Foil stained glass zastrahovam.com
Booth at Inter Expo Center
Outdoor Advertising Radial
Tchibo in store HIT
Billboard fast food
Perfofolio JIM
vinyl Europe
Fleхfolio Polpharma
Tent Vankaro
 Light board for fast food
Foiling stained glass store accumulators
Highlight hall
Boards Grand Casino
Installation characters YOTOV STONE
Office of stained zastrahovam.com
PVC coating of store household
 PVC coating Outlet store
Production billboard zastrahovam.com
Print and installation of pan fitness club
Light boxes and vinyl for car wash
Foiling stained glass photo
Office of stained pawnshop
Manufacturing and installation of steel structure
Foiling showcases Champions Gym
Foiling shop windows Evropa
Production of diode plate
 Production of panels
Sophie Gas Foiling
Billboards HUMANA
Foil shop for fashion
 Making urn casino MYSTIC
Vinyl posters Ihtiman
Fabrication and installation of a billboard for 68 High School - Sofia
Production of outdoor advertising for beauty Melina - Studentski grad
Light boxes for TCHIBO CREEN BAR
Branding showcase for dairy store
 Turbot Company Martimor
Vinyl poster for car wash
Advertising Box Publishing
Foil shop Nature shop
Foil shop Humana - Pirot
Posters for Radial
Foil pavilion sandwiches
Light box for vinyl Humana Blvd.
Crystal - vinyl posters
Vinyl construction Varna
Film on windows and volume letters Catchamak - NPC
Foil cabinets TB Ilientsi
Foil showcase SCARPE
Foil showcases city Dupnitsa
Posters for Harmony - Beauty shop
Foil showcase Humana - Blvd. Stambolijski
Posters for shop Elegant
Weeping water wall - Plovdiv
Econt office
Lightbox funeral
vinyl canvas
Volumetric letters Mish Mash
Plates of tempered glass
Vinyl networks Radial
Dress fences with vinyl
Advertising campaign for gyms Hammer
Advertising campaign for GIA
Vinyl advertising Boulevard.
Bilateral illuminated LED sign
Illuminated advertising of
Fitness Tehno Gym
Construction and installation of billboard construction
Printing on sandblasting foil
Vinyl advertising Stadium
Weeping water wall city. Sofia
Branding boat for mussels
econt Slatina
stained-glass windows
Wallpaper Mural press conference
Vinyl canvas City Eindzhal
Comprehensive advertising services for Vaira
Film Paradise Mall
beauty parlor
 Volumetric letters
Vinnie Win Bet Borovo
Inscriptions from the film SOFI GAS
stained-glass windows
Construction of billboards for Pulse fitness
Contra Tracery inscriptions in the city. Thessaloniki
Lightboxes store Equipment
Diode boxes of vinyl Pulse fitness
Vinyl canvas Karcher
Campaign signs for ECONT
Vinyl WIN BET Pliska
Comprehensive brand for WINBET Blagoevgrad
Structures and vinyls for TC
Comprehensive brand for WINBET Stara Zagora
Vinyl car wash Radial
Comprehensive brand for WINBET Borovo
Branding chain pharmacies Hera
totems traveling light